Information security can be enshrined in the Constitution. According to the Kremlin’s press service, this and many other issues were discussed at a meeting between Vladimir Putin and a working group to prepare proposals for amending the Constitution.

The co-founder of Kaspersky Lab noted that the circulation and protection of citizens’ data is a state affair and should be the responsibility of the state. In the future, this will ensure a unified approach to the rights and freedoms of citizens throughout Russia.

She was supported by Zhanna Kolcherina, Deputy Director of the Information Security Center of the Russian Federal Information Center for Higher Education. She emphasized that today the state needs to protect the individual in the digital space. People now post information about themselves, use new technologies in the cybersecurity salary. Also, digital identification from the state, banks, telecom operators is increasingly common, and personal data is becoming more vulnerable. Increased fraud using information technology.

Vladimir Putin supported the idea and noted its importance. In addition to information security, the meeting discussed issues of supporting volunteering, protecting the values ​​of the family and state territories.